What is screen burn and stuck pixels?

Screen burn-in happens when you leave something displaying on your screen for an extended period of time. The screen retains the image and you see a “ghost” image of what used to be there. Screen burn can be hard to see at first, but usually is visible when a single color is on the screen.

A stuck pixel is usually a single bright color dot on the screen that has failed to change colors. Stuck pixels are generally most noticeable when the entire screen is black.

Sometimes nothing that can be done to fix these, outside of replacing the screen. But before seeking costly hardware repair, it’s best to try and fix it with software or videos. ScreenBurnFixer was made just for this purpose! We’ve made many videos on YouTube which fit different screen sizes, and this site organizes them and helps you find the right video for your device.

Step1: Find the Right Video

We’ve compiled a list of popular devices and sorted it to help you find what you need. If you can’t find your device, see all of our videos.

Step 2: Repair Your Device

If our videos don’t help you, next we recommend you try to repair your device. View our recommended options and vendors.

Step 3: Replace Your Device

We’ve hand picked our recommendations for potential replacements for all of your devices. Let us know what you think of them.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Here are all of the Samsung Galaxy Note aspect ratios and the compatible videos.

Macbook Pro

We’ve listed all versions of the Macbook Pro and which of our videos will work for the version you have.

Google Pixel

We’ve compiled all versions of the Google Pixel phones and which of our videos should be used for them.

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