Step 3 – Replace Your Device

So, you’ve tried our videos, but no improvement. You’ve priced out a repair shop, but the cost is too high or they don’t have the right part. We’ve been there, and although we’ve gotten used to our device, replacement is the best option.

In our experience usually a few things hold us back from replacement:

  1. The price is too high.
  2. There are too many choices and we get stuck.
  3. Quality is important but we can’t tell if it’s just over priced.

Well, we’ve done some research and tried to simplify it for you (and for ourselves!). We’ve set aside only our top picks and sorted them by Best Value (a nice balance of price and quality, and usually the highest average rating), Highest Quality (if you want the best), and Lowest Price (if you’re worried about the cost). See below for our recommendations on Monitors, Tablets, Computers, and Phones. We’ll be adding more, so check back often, and send us a note if you have any favorites!


Monitors have many uses these days: computer programming, graphic design, watching Netflix, gaming, etc. For the sake of keeping it simple here are our recommendations for every day use:

TypeMonitorWhy we like itResolutionRating (5.0)
Best Value
HP VH240a 23.8"
This HD monitor has it all, and at $125 you're getting a ton of value! It has great adjustment options for work and play. It also has extremely high ratings.1920x10804.7
Highest Quality
BenQ Professional
Not all people will shell out $500 for a monitor, but this one is great for graphic designers! High quality and 4k Ultra-HD resolution, with Anti-glare and ton of other features!3840x21604.6
Lowest Price
Acer Ultra-thin 21.5"
Not the bottom of the barrel, but at $100 you can't pass this up if you're on a budget. Has an "average" HD resolution, some tilt adjustments, but it has a whopping 27,800+ ratings and 4.7 stars for such a low cost monitor!1920x10804.7


There are a wide range of tablets made by a wide range of manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, etc), but let’s keep it simple. Here are our top picks:

TypeTabletWhy we like itResolutionRating (5.0)
Best ValueSamsung Galaxy Tab S4e
The Galaxy tablets vary in cost, but this one gets our top pick for a good mix of quality and price. At $425, it's super thin and light, has a high resolution, and packs a ton of memory! The ratings are also top notch.2560x16004.7
Highest QualityiPad Pro 12.9"The largest of Apple's tablets, it's pricey (about $1,000), but you know you're getting the highest quality. Two amazing cameras, lightning fast processor, huge screen and resolution, and packed with memory. It also sports an almost perfect rating (4.9)!2388x16684.9
Lowest PriceAmazon Fire HD 10There are some lower priced "clunkers" out there, but for lowest price we're recommending Amazon's Fire. Can't beat a great quality tablet with a decent amount of memory, at just $100 bucks. Check out the mind boggling 160,000+ ratings (4.6 stars out of 5.0 overall)!1920x12004.6


Out of all of the phones on the market we’ll be making our recommendations, so check back soon…


Out of all of the laptops on the market we’ll be making our recommendations, so check back soon…

Thanks for stopping by and let us know if you have any suggestions for device replacements.

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