Google Pixel Aspect Ratios

The Google Pixel series of devices come in all different screen sizes. If you’re experiencing screen burn or stuck pixels, you’ll want to select a video which extends to all edges of your screen. The chart below has each Google Pixel device listed with the corresponding video link. I’ll try to keep this chart updated as new devices are released.

Device NameDisplay ResolutionAspect RatioVideo Link
Google Pixel1920 x 108016:9Video Link
Google Pixel XL2560 × 144016:9Video Link
Google Pixel 21920 x 108016:9Video Link
Google Pixel 2 XL2880 x 144018:9Coming soon
Google Pixel 32160 x 108018:9Coming soon
Google Pixel 3 XL2960 x 144018.5:9Video Link
Google Pixel 3a2229 x 108018.5:9Video Link
Google Pixel 3a XL2160 x 108018:9Coming soon
Google Pixel 42280 x 108019:9Video Link
Google Pixel 4 XL3040 x 144019:9Video Link
Google Pixel 4a2340 x 108019.5:9Coming soon
Google Pixel 52340 x 108019.5:9Coming soon


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